Because Romulans need love too (romulan_warbird) wrote in fantasy_books,
Because Romulans need love too

New Member!

Hello all!

I would like to ask: has anyone read anything by Patricia A. McKillip? If not, I would suggest you give her a try! She writes 'high-fantasy' novels, which if you like dragons and knights and princesses and towers, you'll probably love her work. This is the cover and a brief synopsis of my favourite book by her, The Tower at Stony Wood. Others that I've read are The Riddle-Master Trilogy, In the Forests of Serre, Alphabet of Thorn, and The Changeling Sea. I am currently reading Ombria in Shadow. If you're looking for a small book to start with, The Changeling Sea is the shortest in my little collection.

Just thougth I'd drop a line to say 'hi'! See you!
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