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Hello everyone!

Seeing as you all like to read, I thought I'd do my wifely duty & pimp my husband's new book ^_^
This has been a long and strange journey to be sure. So here goes! The book is a fantasy novel, the first in five.

A short book description:

All Kyla Thalius ever wanted was to escape from the dull and predictable life of a seventeen-year-old girl of nobility. As she desperately seeks a way to refuse an impending marriage proposal from her childhood friend, her kingdom comes under attack from an army of fierce monsters, devious wizards, and bloodthirsty soldiers. When Kyla uses her special powers to protect those she cares for, she is banished from her home as a witch. Despite that, Kyla embarks on an adventure at the request of her king. To prove herself as the heir to a legendary magic, Kyla must travel far from her sheltered and monotonous life to quest for the sacred symbol of her power… The legendary Staff of Water.

Please check out his myspace where we have more book info up and some preveiw pages.

Thank you all for your time and please mention the book to others if you think it sounds like an excellent read!


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Phantom by Terry Goodkind

I finished Phantom, by Terry Goodkind, last night - book 10 of the Sword of Truth series.

Let me say first of all that I will try not to drop any major spoilers for those of you who wish to read it... so there shouldn't be anything too horrific that you can read here.

As I was reading, there was a certain plot point that I was waiting for, waiting waiting waiting, and I thought that if it didn't happen by the end of the book I was going to be pissed.

Well it DIDN'T happen, but something else did, which made me not be pissed off about it. First of all I thought the last scene was damn cool; it made me say "Awesome!" very loudly.

And then, down at the bottom of the last page, in all mini caps:


Bold words, Goodkind, bold words. I'm really excited for the next book, now, and also impressed that he had the cojones to just come out and say that the next book would be the last one. I mean, there's just not a lot of waffle room with a statement like that, and we all know how some of these giant fantasy series can get drawn on and on when the author makes a less distinct claim about the end of a series.

All in all, I was pleased.

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I know this is a little off-topic, but I thought the members of this community might be interested in a few auctions I've just put up on ebay.  They are for 3 dragon sculptures by Michael Whelan.  They all have their certificates of authenticiy issued from the Franklin Mint.
Here they are:
Dragon Lair

thanks for looking!

In other news, I just got Katherine Kerr's new book, The Gold Falcon.  Is anyone else reading her Deverry series?  I haven't started the new book yet, as I decided to finish rereading the series so I'm caught up.  It's been about 4 years since I finished it last time.

Greetings, fellow bibliophiles!

Hey, y'all.

I'm not usually good at keeping up with communities, but I'm a big fan of books - especially fantasy - and my attempts to get friends and family to read my favorites have proven fruitless for the most part. So I thought I'd try to find some people who are actually interested in reading and fantasy so I can finally discuss the words of my favorite authors with people who care.

So in case anyone's itching to chat about, say, future sequels to soem of those great series that are out there, here's some of my current favorites:Collapse )

I'll start looking for recommendations from you guys once I make room on my bookshelves, but in the meantime, I'd love to talk with people who've read some of the books I have. Or let me know about books you're reading that I haven't mentioned, maybe I read them and forgot to mention them. So...looking forward to meeting some of you.
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Hi, I'm new to the community! I was looking around LJ to see if there were any communities for fantasy book lovers, and so there was! I'm looking forward to hearing what everybody likes and sharing my own personal favorites, too. :)

I looked back through the entries to make sure that I wouldn't be repeating anybody. I'd like to share a couple titles that I enjoyed.

1) "Wit'ch Fire" by James Clemens (I might have spelled his last name wrong) - It's pretty dark, and has a lot of blood and violence in it. But it's fast paced and it really kept my attention. I read through it in only a couple days, where as a lot of times I'll end up not getting through a book for a week or more. It's about a young teen girl who ends up being the wit'ch of an ancient prophecy. The party that gathers with her is certainly a motley crew, but they all have distinct personalities and are quite likable. I'm very much looking forward to the second book in the series.

2) "Inkheart" by Cornelia Funke - This book is aimed more at the target crowd of Harry Potter, but I'd say it's a good read for adults, too. It's another book I went through in only a couple days' time. It's about a 12 year old girl whose father has a special talent for "reading characters out of books" when he reads out loud. It just so happened that he read the villian of a book out into the real world, and that villian wants her father to read out several of his other... companions. Like with the first book I mentioned, I'm looking forward to book two of this series, as well!

I hope to be hearing about some more good stories from you guys soon! Take care!
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New Member!

Hello all!

I would like to ask: has anyone read anything by Patricia A. McKillip? If not, I would suggest you give her a try! She writes 'high-fantasy' novels, which if you like dragons and knights and princesses and towers, you'll probably love her work. This is the cover and a brief synopsis of my favourite book by her, The Tower at Stony Wood. Others that I've read are The Riddle-Master Trilogy, In the Forests of Serre, Alphabet of Thorn, and The Changeling Sea. I am currently reading Ombria in Shadow. If you're looking for a small book to start with, The Changeling Sea is the shortest in my little collection.

Just thougth I'd drop a line to say 'hi'! See you!