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Hello everyone!

Seeing as you all like to read, I thought I'd do my wifely duty & pimp my husband's new book ^_^
This has been a long and strange journey to be sure. So here goes! The book is a fantasy novel, the first in five.

A short book description:

All Kyla Thalius ever wanted was to escape from the dull and predictable life of a seventeen-year-old girl of nobility. As she desperately seeks a way to refuse an impending marriage proposal from her childhood friend, her kingdom comes under attack from an army of fierce monsters, devious wizards, and bloodthirsty soldiers. When Kyla uses her special powers to protect those she cares for, she is banished from her home as a witch. Despite that, Kyla embarks on an adventure at the request of her king. To prove herself as the heir to a legendary magic, Kyla must travel far from her sheltered and monotonous life to quest for the sacred symbol of her power… The legendary Staff of Water.

Please check out his myspace where we have more book info up and some preveiw pages.

Thank you all for your time and please mention the book to others if you think it sounds like an excellent read!


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