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Hello all! I just joined the community because no one I know is reading some of the books I'm reading & I long to discuss them with someone who won't think I'm crazy when I try to explain what's going on in the story.
Right now, I'm working on Terry Pratchet's Equal Rites, Robin Hobb's Golden Fool (I have read all the books leading up to it, too), and am working my way through Neil Gaiman's Sandman graphic novels. I'm not sure if that fits the criteria for this community, but if not, people can comment on my regular journal with commentary about that.
I'm really enjoying all of the above, but am wondering: Does anything good EVER happen to Fitz in the Robin Hobb series?? don't tell me what happens if it does, just let me know if there is something. I'm about 600 pages into Golden Fool & there's still the last book to go!
Also, if anyone's looking to discuss Katharine Kerr's Deverry & the Westlands series, I'd love to talk about that! I'm anxiously awaiting the next book & have been monitering her website for more exerpts (sp?).
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